Capital Area Pavement Engineers Council

The Capital Area Pavement Engineers Council, CAPEC, was formed by local governments with a goal of developing a more unified approach to pavement design in central Texas.

CAPEC currently has four voting members: City of Austin, City of Pflugerville, Travis County, and Williamson County who are providing funding for developing a Regional Pavement Design Methodology and Pavement Construction Specifications for flexible pavement design.

Based on historical discussions at the monthly CAPEC meetings, the critical issues to each of the members were documented as follows:

  • Variety of pavement design procedures used in Central Texas area
  • Common swelling clay soils problems need to be addressed
  • Increase in traffic loading and stop/go patterns contribute to pavement failures
  • Current technology needs to be implemented to minimize pavement failures
  • Increase in initial construction costs may be offset by lower maintenance cost/longer pavement life
  • Numerous material mix designs are used throughout Central Texas areas
  • Design of low volume roads, such as residential streets, have different issues than highways
  • Utility trenches and utilities in the pavement
  • Multiple different subgrade characteristics
  • Required construction sequencing


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